Film Transfer

NOTE:  As of January, 2014 I am no longer transferring old film.  I am referring anyone interested in transferring old film to my friend and business associate Skip Hastings, of Hastings Video, in Fair Oaks, CA.  Skip can be reached at (916) 965-0722.  Or on his website at:  I am going to leave the information below on my site as I think it can be a good resource for anyone interested in Film Transfer.   So please read on for more information.  Keep in mind that we are still focused on transferring video tapes, dvd duplication, and video production for websites or digital signage.  Thanks!  -Damon.

Hi, my name is Damon Stewart, the owner of Advanced Digital Video located in Rocklin and Roseville California.  If you are local to the area and looking for the best company to handle your 8mm film transfer to DVD needs, you have come to the right place.  Not only is 8mm film conversion our speciality, but personally it’s one of my favorite services that we offer.

Browse the information below at your leisure, but feel free to contact me directly at 916-837-0530 if you have any questions, would like more information or to set up an appointment.  -Damon.

8mm Film Transfer by Advanced Digital Video

Home Movies have a relatively short-shelf life because of natural deterioration and can eventually become un-viewable.  Don’t let this happen to you, preserve your 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm home movies and transfer them to DVD today.

The Advanced Digital Video Difference

  • Our frame-by-frame digital transfer method yields amazing, flicker free results.  We use only the best, digital transfer video equipment to transfer your precious home movies.
  • We provide you with unmatched professional and friendly customer service at a very reasonable and competitive price.
  • We spare you from the technical jargon and will explain the process and answer all your questions in a way that make sense to you.  We want to make sure you understand the process and all of your options for enjoying your home movies.
  • All work is done in house and we promise to handle your film with great care.  We clean it, repair any splices if necessary and lubricate it in preparation for transfer.
  • Background  Music makes such a difference when viewing your home movies.  We add our custom soundtrack to all DVDs.  But that is only the beginning, we can completely customize your project with titles, custom music, voice overs, editing, and much more.
  • High quality DVDs are a must and that is all that we use.  We guarantee that if your home movie DVD does not play back on your system, we will immediately replace it with one that does.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Long will it take? Usually 7 to 10 business days.  Quicker service is available; just let us know your deadline.  The Holidays are a busy time for us so please plan ahead and allow more time for any December projects.
  • How much do you charge? We work hard to offer the best service and the best price in the area.  If you find a better combination of price and service, please let us know, we’ll do our best to match it.  We have a one time setup fee of $24.95 and then charge $0.24 (24 cents) per foot of film.  The best thing to do is bring in your film, we offer a free, no obligation consultation. We will provide you with an exact quote and give you plenty of time to decide if you want to move forward.
  • What about blank, black, clear, or dark sections of film? We will edit out any clear or black footage from your film.  If you have dark film, we can sometimes lighten it, usually with pleasing results.
  • My film is pretty old and has some breaks in it? No problem, when we receive your film it is first inspected, cleaned, repaired if necessary and lubricated to keep it from breaking or cracking during transfer.  We have transfered movies from as far back as 1916 and usually have  no problem with old film.
  • What about Music or sound on film? We include (at no extra charge) background music with every order.  It is easy listening music designed specifically for home movies.  If however, your original sound was recorded on film, we will transfer that sound.  No music will be recorded in places where you already have sound.
  • Can we add titles to our video? Yes.  All of our DVDs come complete with a Main Menu, and scene selection page(s) for each reel.  But we can also add custom titles before each reel.
  • We want to view or edit our film before it is transfered but our old projector does not work anymore.  What can we do? One option here would be to rent a projector and take notes as you make decisions about which film to have transfered and any parts you would like to edit out.  We unfortunately do not rent these projectors and strongly suggest caution in doing so as you don’t want to damage or melt any of your film.  At this point the film is getting pretty old and fragile.  Our advice is to bring in your film, let us transfer all the reels to our Mac based editing system.  From there, you can come in and edit parts out, change the order, pretty much anything you want before committing anything to DVD.
  • Can I edit my film on myself on my Mac or PC? Absolutely, we are happy to edit your transfered film for you as mentioned above, but we love to see clients take on the task themselves.  Just let us know in advance and we can provide your transfered film on a portable hard drive in the format required for your system.
  • Can I edit my film from DVDs? Technically speaking you can with some help from third party software conversion tools.  However, keep in mind that video on DVD is compressed specifically for viewing and not for editing.  If you would  like to edit your home  movies, again, let us know in advance and we can provide the files on hard drive for you.

Call Advanced Digital Video at 916-837-0530 for any other questions and to setup your free, no obligation consultation today.