The ADV Advantage – Film Transfer

If you have looked through our website at all you will see that transferring 8mm film / home movies to DVD in Roseville CA is not only something we specialize in, but pretty much my favorite of all our services. Not sure why. I guess it goes back to how much I loved to get out the home movies and projector when I was little and watch them. Either with the whole family or myself. Now, I love being able to bring those memories to life and make them available for viewing today and sharing with family and friends.

The past few days I’ve had a couple of experiences with clients that remind me of other advantages of using Advanced Digital Video in Roseville as your film transfer studio of choice. We cater to local clients, Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin, etc… While we are happy to accept orders from outside our area via mail, we don’t heavily market the service to out-of-towners. We are not a large scale house turning and burning thousands of feet of film a day. The advantage of this is that unlike large companies that will have you send in your film, we can offer a higher level of personal service and customization that is just not available elsewhere. Not to mention the work is done in house so there is no risk of loosing your film in the mail.

Today I had a client call back after speaking with him about 6 weeks ago. He had been organizing his film and getting ready to bring it in. He mentioned that of the 5 or so different transfer studios he spoke to, he appreciated and chose Advanced Digital Video because of our creativity, willingness and ability to edit and help customize his final DVD. It is great to hear that kind of feedback from potential clients.

Last week I had a client come in with a few thousand feet of film and had them very organized and ready to go. However, he did have three reels that were not labeled, and he could not figure out where they went in relation to the other reels. Normally my suggestion would be to get the film transferred onto my computer and then have the client come back to view the reels and make the necessary decisions. This particular client however had driven well over an hour to come and see me and I could tell he was not too excited to make the drive again. So I suggested that I upload the unknown reels onto a website that he could view from home. Once he viewed the clips online, he was able to send me an email and provide the missing information and we were off an running. Really, not a big deal, but another great example of the type of custom service we can provide because of our expertise and flexibility, that I’m sure a majority of our competitors cannot.

If you are looking for someone to transfer your 8mm film / home movies to DVD in the Roseville, Rocklin and Sacramento area, why not give us a call at Advanced Digital Video.  When you do you will find out what a great combination using the latest in film transfer technology and personal, customized service can be. Click here for more information on our film transfer service.


Damon Stewart
Advanced Digital Video