Powerpoint to DVD Conversion

We just finished an interesting  project here at Advanced Digital Video.  We helped the California State Chapter, P.E.O. provide their groups with an annual training DVD that started out as a Powerpoint presentation.

Converting Powerpoint slides to DVD can be a challenge.  On the one hand, if the slides are all still images with no transitions or animations, it is as simple as exporting the slides to independent stills (such as Jpeg or Pict files), and then importing them into an editing application (we of course use Final Cut Pro).  But in this case, the folks at P.E.O. had put together a very sophisticated slide show with very intense animations and transitions.  So we had the challenge of converting the Powerpoint to video, then recording voice overs, and editing the audio and video together.

One way to do this is to use a scan converter; VGA out of the computer playing the slides, into a video capture system, or a camcorder.  This method can work well but frankly unless you are using an expensive scan converter, the results are poor.  So in this case we decided to play the slides through Powerpoint in presentation mode, but in a ‘window’.  Doing that allowed us to use a screen capture utility to record directly from the screen into a video format.  Once we did that, we were able to bring the file into Final Cut Pro, make our edits and add the voice over recordings.  The result were fantastic.

Admittedly, the video does not play back as clean as a Powerpoint presentation does.  But the advantages to having the presentation on a DVD make it well worth the small loss of quality.   Now our clients can have all the tools, transitions and animation capability of Powerpoint (or Keynote for Mac users) combined with the viewing flexibility of a DVD.

Damon Stewart
Owner, Advanced Digital Video
Email: damon@advanceddv.com