Digital Signage for Golf Clubs

golf digital signage
I’m constantly thinking of new venues for the deployment of Digital Signage, and as an avid golfer, I think that both public and private golf courses are perfect candidates.

Digital Signage is the perfect way to provide players with information about upcoming events such as tournaments, corporate meetings and weddings.  It can also serve to remind both players and staff about planned facility improvements and maintenance.  At private courses it can be used to introduce new members, or highlight someone as employee of the month.  Posting videos of teaching pros giving golf tips can encourage players to purchase lesson packages.

The beauty of Digital Signage is that it’s dynamic, easy to update and change.  Players and members will love the cleaner, more modern approach of sharing information without all the clutter and waste of paper brochures and flyers.

At Advanced Digital Video we not only sell the top brands of hardware and software to produce and deploy Digital Signage, but we strive to maintain a partnership with our clients and help them deploy and maintain their signage as effectively as possible for many years.

If you have questions on how Digital Signage can improve the sharing of information at your golf course, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 916-837-0530.