Brain Back Body Exercise Program

I just finished a six month project that I am very proud to announce. The Brain Back Body Exercise program and DVD. I partnered with Dr. Robert Adams of Neuro Technologies out of Sonoma California to film, edit and produce the video. The program is a combination of specific neuro integration exercises combined with traditional strength building protocols. The program is divided up into three different chapters, or days, each day focusing on specific body area

The coolest thing about the program is not only the instructional DVD, but the fact that it sells as a complete kit providing the user everything they need to perform the warmups and the exercises right in their own home. The kit includes:
– The Brain Back Body DVD
– Large 65cm sports fit ball (Burst Free holds up to 600 pounds)
– Mini fit ball for neck strengthening
– Ball pump
– Light exercise band for resistance training
– Extra heavy exercise band for resistance training

As Advanced Digital Video continues to evolve as a company, we find that once we produce our clients projects, there is also a need for distribution. So on that note, we are also proud to announce that we will be both marketing and distributing the Brain Back Body Exercise program to both individuals and Doctors.
For more details, demo footage, and ordering information check out

Damon Stewart
Owner, Advanced Digital Video