About ADV

damonHi, I’m Damon Stewart and thanks for visiting advanceddv.com, the online home of Advanced Digital Video in Roseville, California. It seems like I have had a passion for video for as long as I can remember. My parents tell stories of this 10 year old kid who would get out the 8mm projector and screen to string up home movies from our latest trips to Disneyland. And now here I am (just a few years later) living out my dream and running my own video service, production and distribution company.

I have been very fortunate over my career to have worked with some of the most creative and brightest minds in the video industry. After graduating from the University of Nevada Las Vegas with a bachelors degree in Business Administration with an MIS (Management Information Systems) emphasis, I was privileged to spend the next ten or so years working for one of the most successful, creative companies of our generation, Apple Computer. While I did not invent the iPod, I did gravitate immediately to the release of Final Cut Pro and was able to work with film and television studios throughout the Western United States. I travelled the United States and the world giving demonstrations, consulting and training clients to edit and produce video.

As you see I have since settled down, taken a break from the travel to spend time with the family. I am now officially an entrepreneur, soccer dad and golfer, and loving every minute of it. With my own company I am now able to bring my experience and expertise in video production, digital signage and marketing to schools, businesses and consumers in the greater Sacramento, Roseville and Rocklin areas.

Damon Stewart
Owner, Advanced Digital Video
Email: damon@advanceddv.com